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march news

The menu is continuing to evolve weekly, & we will ever refine things. It will be interesting over the next couple of months given we’ve had an immense amount of rain, affecting not only the quality of produce we are getting, but also the price. There may be some changes due to this fact alone, to keep our prices competitive we may have to change some dishes.

Likewise the darkhorse blend is ever changing & is very exciting to see the quality of coffee coming from Mecca. Paul is really pushing the envelope as far as seasonal coffee buying goes. He is spending a great deal of his time, flying to countries around the world & buying some of the best coffees available directly from farms. This ripples down the line meaning we are delivered some amazing coffees both in our blend & single origins, with some lighter roast coffee’s origin coffees along the way too. We normally have some cold drip brewed coffee going & also syphon. We have changed our milk & are now using Country Valley milk & cream. It is from Picton, & is arguably the best quality milk that we can get our hands on.

Along with our change to Country Valley, as per my last news, our focus is that all of our produce to be as local as possible. Ideally NSW sourced, but definately Australian sourced, fresh & sustainable. Dealing direct with the farm is even better & we can provide complete transparency as to where produce has come from, how it’s been grown, what it’s been fed, etc. I believe that by supporting local & Australian suppliers & producers that hold the same ethics, we will not only be securing the best produce that we can, but hopefully securing a food supply for our next
generations, as supporting these businesses gives them longevity also. Given the way we buy our top quality produce, means that we can serve it to you at great value, a reflection of this is that we were named in the Sydney Morning Herald Cheap eats, as being a destination to eat great quality food at great value, something we’re very proud of.

Produce dinner’s are back in full swing on the last Friday of every month. We have a Little Creatures matched beer dinner coming up at the end of March which is almost booked out! It’s very exciting, even for me who’s not normally a beer drinker, but we’ve been suffering for the cause & doing some “testing”, & have some amazing flavour matches for the evening. We have also almost booked out the following dinner on the 27th April.

I am still on the baking war path & our first oven has arrived! We are baking every day, & the only day off, if any at the moment, is Monday depending on how busy we are on Sundays. This may change over the next month or so as I am working on the logistics of distribution & may start distributing our sourdough to other cafes & restaurants. I’ve been approached by quite a few restaurants & cafes with regards to supplying them with our bread. The hot cross buns are back in production Friday, Saturday & Sunday up until Easter. If you are interested in some for over Easter it will probably be a good idea to order them as last year we sold over fourteen dozen on Good Friday alone, & that was without any orders! Made on sourdough, they contacin no sugar, eggs or butter, just flour, water, salt & spices & either a traditional style fruit bun or a dark choc chip, orange & currant version. We recommend them with lashings of Pepe Saya butter!

Lastly, I have finally taken the plunge & sorted out a labeller so we can label our jams, peanut butter & produce that we make in house. If you would like to take home any of our produce, be it pepe saya butter, shultz bacon, our marinted fetta, we should either have it packaged & labelled already or can quickly organise it for you!

look forward to seeing you all soon,


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