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january news

Happy New Year!

The menu is evolving weekly, & we will ever refine things. We are on the quest for sustainability which means that we have changed the ocean trout we were buying, & curing to a king salmon. We cure it as we did with the ocean trout, & then lightly smoke it. It is amazing salmon, the flavour & texture is better than any other salmon I’ve ever had. When I first heard about this salmon I thought that it was just hype, but it is amazing! Our lunch menu has changed also, & we will over the coming months try & source almost everything from lunch to start with so that the entire lunch menu is sustainable. We are sourcing more & more from an organic farm, hence, the organic heirloom beetroot salad we have added to the lunch menu, the presentation is amazing & the combination of flavours is so well balanced! Almost enough to turn a man vegetarian... Almost, but not with all this beef around! We are still buying our organic grass fed Taralga springs Angus beef, & we are using it from everything from steaks to meatballs for our spanish breakfast to a humble cheese burger with of course a house made sourdough brioche bun! All the silverbeet we are getting now is organic too & we are hoping we can source a local honey soon also!

Dinner...... The never ending question. Will we? Won’t we? We keep asking oursleves even, but Darren & I have decided that every last friday of the month will be a dinner. Probably every 2nd month we will do a produce dinner as we have done before, & on the odd months we will do a simpler menu & will be a “brown paper bag” night or BYO. Ideally it would still be limited to the one big table so you will have to get in quick! The first dinner will be on 27th January!

We survived the run into Christmas without Cam & Tanvir. Cam is back, illness free & without too much weight loss & still happily married, so far...... A huge thanks to the boys from Whithorse who have been helping us through January whilst they are closed. Word from Tanvir is that he is married! Elisha is off to Goulburn to do her police training, so we are desperate need of staff again! Floor staff in particular. A manager would be great too if we can find one, as I intend to branch out this year & try & start wholesaling our bread! I have taken the plunge & ordered an oven. It will be a squeeze for the time being, but will mean that we won’t fight over the oven & we can ultimalety produce more bread & at a higher quality & consistency & once this happens I will take on some wholesale accounts!

A new website has been on the cards for quite sometime. Tim (& Sarah) who frequent’s the cafe often as many of you do, runs a web design company called Digerati. They are running a competition on their facebook page to win your business a new website. I have signed us up to be in the running, so jump onto facebook ( vote for our entry, & you could win yourslef an ipad! Or, if you are a small business owner you could enter your own business if you are after a new website!

look forward to seeing you all soon,


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