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november 2011 news

We have some pretty big changes ahead, from staff to menu’s there maybe even some cosmetic changes ahead over the coming months.....

Given the renovations going on next door & from what whispers I’ve heard will continue until close to the end of November to some degree, with the noise impact & lack of view, we’ve experienced quite a downturn in business. This has meant that we’ve had to throw out valuable stock & produce as we had assumed that even through the renovation period if the weather was good that the impact to us would be little. Given this predicament we are going to change the menu to simplify it & mean that we can focus even more on produce that is seasonal & fresh. It will mean that the menu may change weekly & there maybe items that may even change every few days.

We’ve taken delivery of the first of our taralga spring beef & in the coming weeks, we’ll run “cut of the day” & will try & work in a dry aged steak, we've even had a bacteria light installed in our coolroom! We will receive deliveries of beef every few weeks & use this amazing grass fed beef for most things from the meatballs in our new spanish baked breakfast to organising our own sausages.

With the silly season fast approaching, Barossa fine foods have sent us their Christmas list. They will take orders up to the first week of December so if you would like an amazing ham, they are free range & naturally smoked, we can order one for you. They will be round the 9kg mark, bone in for $14/kg. Likewise pudding, if you would like a Christmas pudding, I make steamed puddings every year, come & have a chat with me about how many people it needs to feed & we can sort something out.

Our last dinner for the year will be on Friday 18th November. Friday’s will probably become a feature of dinner in the future & for consistency’s sake, in the new year, we will try & hold our produce dinners on the last friday of every month. The one that is coming up on the 18th will probably be slightly larger & if the weather is good we will try & set-up outside! The dinner at Pierre’s (pepe saya,the butter & yoghurt man) warehouse that we have talked about has been postponed till early in the new year when everyone has more time on their hands. If you are interested in our last dinner leave your details with one of the staff & we will contact you when we know all the details.

Staff wise, Tanvir has left to go home & Cam will be off in the next couple of weeks to get married. He will be away until Christmas & we wish him all the best! To help fill the Barista void, Karl will be back here & there & between Lucas, Karl & myself we will hopefully manage the run into Christmas. After Christmas Cam will be back & any other shortfalls in the barista department will be filled by the boys from whitehorse in Sutherland. Most of the boys from up there have volunteered their services as whitehorse will be closed as usual from Christmas for almost a month I understand.

This will be a great help as this is normally our busiest period & would assume that I will be flat out baking throughout that time. I have close to perfected my version of a wholemeal & will now move onto a straight rye or spelt when I have some time. We have also had in some sour cherries that we got on spec & I have made a sour cherry loaf a few times which is pretty insane. I would hazard a guess & say that if you would like sourdough for Christmas that you probably should order it as we normally consume a huge amount of bread throughout that time.

look forward to seeing you all soon,


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