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We have moved on to baking our sourdough full time now. I am still perfecting some of the derivitaves of rye, spelt & a wholemeal, but am very close on some, & am extremely happy with my organic white sourdough. We will be baking 6-7 days & producing for the time being, a white, soy + linseed & fruit sourdough for use in house, & to sell. I will bake an olive & a fig, rasin & pistachio sourdough loaf over the weekends, & some others that I am perfecting at the moment. I’m working on the holy grail of sourdough too, some would say I’m obsessed, which is a miche! I’ve been baking & chorizo, fetta & pepperonata loaf (which is awesome), a light rye & caraway, & trying to perfect a polenta, rosemary & peptita loaf. All this & trying to arrange a new oven which should take my bread to a new level & consistency!

We’ve changed some of our dairy products over to Pepe Saya! Pierre makes the most amazing butter, using country valley cream. It is a cultured European style butter with a pro-biotic just like in yoghurt! I would have to say that it’s probably the best butter I’ve ever had, & we are also buying his yoghurt & buttermilk too! Along with this great produce, we’ve changed our bacon from the middle bacon we were getting from Barossa Fine Foods to their Shultz Bacon. It is aguably the best bacon in Australia which they have won a plethora of awards for! Hopefully you will find it up to standard. Along with using shultz bacon for all of our bacon repetoire now, & pepe saya cultured butter for all our toast & butter needs, you can also purchase both to take home with you! Why not grab a loaf of our sourdough & a Pepe Saya butter to go with it!?

Tanvir has been pushing us all along on a great coffee ride, we now have some coffee syphons in house & are encouraging people that feel like a little change to their caffine regime to give it a go! We are trying to keep some lighter roast coffee’s in house to take advantage of this & Mecca is always forthcoming. Our house blend as always is consistently amazing, but we’ve been getting some beautiful single estate coffee’s, some of which are very rare & expensive, but are absolutely amazing, be sure to ask.

Our second produce dinner was a great success, we ended up running it over two nights, & was almost an overload of meat! Darren ripped out some great dishes again, & there’ll be some stunning photo’s from the night coming to our website soon thanks to Bryce! We also ran Bastille night dinner on the 14th July, with of course a strict french theme, six courses included a georgous game terrine, a cassoulet, & a couple of other french inspired dishes followed by some awesome desserts. We are working on the next produce dinner & have slated Thursday 25th August. Same rules apply, we will seat a maximum of 18 for 7-8 courses including matched wine! We are in the
process of sourcing some organic geese, organic lamb & taralga springs beef which will feature on the night! We will try & stick to a theme of everything sourced within 100 mile radius.

Hope to see you all soon, & stay tuned for updates (twitter @alleybreak or facebook)

Regards, Nick

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  1. Since you guys serve tap water, have you thought about joining Sydney Water’s Tap cafe program? . So far the Shire isn’t very well represented.

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