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March News

Back to the Future weekend......... Apologies to some that I told would be the weekend of the 12th March, but we have put it in for a definate, over the weekend of the 26th & 27th March. We will run a specific menu just for this weekend bringing back some of the old items, some of the current dishes & some new ones for you all to try! Any requests for the weekend menu we will take into consideration.

Thankfully we haven’t had too many changes to produce prices to warrant menu changes at the moment, the exception is to the quality of produce we have been getting has been varied. Rocket & baby spinach esp. has been inconsistent. But we are doing our best to bring you great food as always. We’ve changed our meat supplier to a wholesaler in Kirrawee. They approached us about a month ago & we started using them towards the end of February. They open from 4am which means that Darren or myself can drop in on the way to work & pick out the carcasses that we want, & get them delivered later that morning. We are buying our lamb from them, & started buying saddles of pork from them, which we can take the bellies off for our pork belly dish, & then using the rest of the saddle for specials! Darren has ripped some awesome boneless roast loin with crackling, one served with roast puree corn, vanilla peaches & asparagus & then with a grape, esshallot & tarragon salad with fennel seed dressing!

The sourdough testing is continuing, & using organic flour, we’re producing our own sourdough fruit loaf, & on various days, olive, white sourdough, soy & linseed & I’ve even been experimenting with a fig walnut & rasin. I’ve also started on the hot cross bun war path! Making both fruit buns & a choc chip, currant version they have been a hit thus far, only making an appearance on the weekends though! We’ve been using the starter to make sourdough pancakes some weekends & sourdough english muffins on other weekends! Both are awesome, & we now have some organic maple syrup on the way too! We’ve also been producing a yeast assisted sourdough which we are using to make all of our rolls. We’ve been using this yeast assited sourdough to make fresh bread for catering & sandwiches, including my kids, it keeps the costs down for us, hence we can pass on the savings! If you have a party, work lunchon or other why not come have a chat with us? I’m sure we can arrange some beautiful food for your next event! If you would like to try some of my sourdough please ask, as I have been baking most days, in saying this I have been selling most of the bread I bake also, so get in quick! You can always order a loaf!?

Don’t forget that our liquor license permits a drink without a meal, so if you feel like a glass of wine or a beer in the arvo, you can come & sit & relax without having to order a meal, & you can always grab a cheese platter or a little snack if you feel like it! We always have some little tidbits we order that normally don’t see the light of day, & we can organise something unique for you to indulge.

Regards, Nick

P.S. Cam is back from his trek with AYAC, & Ellen is going to paarticipate in shave for a cure & i’m
sure she’d appreciate any support given!

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