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Happy new year!

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you would have heard, there’s been some epic floods around different areas of Australia. This may mean that our menu changes over the coming weeks as certain produce will become extremely expensive. We will make these changes to keep our prices reasonable, & my advance apologies if we have to change dishes you enjoy because of this. On the topic of dishes & menu changes, there has been some discussion both internally & with customers about some of the changes we’ve made to the menu over the last couple of years. There are many meals & dishes that you have enjoyed & ask to come back etc. that we are planning on having one weekend that we will have a back to the future weekend. We will run a specific menu for one weekend only & will feature some of your much loved past
dishes, present menu items & things that we would like to bring to you all in the future. See it as an evolution of Alley Break over the past few years & next few to come. It will probably happen towards the end of February or early March. Stay tuned for exact dates.

I have been testing my sourdough now for a few months. I cracked it early in December, so we’re now producing our own sourdough fruit loaf, made with organic flour, & also our own yeast assisted sourdough which we are using to make all of our rolls. We have also been using this yeast assited sourdough to make fresh bread for catering & sandwiches. It keeps the costs down for us & hence we can pass on the savings! If you have a party, work lunchon or other why not come have a chat with us? I’m sure we can arrange some beautiful food for your next event! If you would like to try some please ask as I have been baking most days, in saying this I have been selling most of the bread I bake also, so get in quick!

As most of you know we became a licenced venue about 18 months ago. What some of you don’t know is that the type of liquor licence we have allows us to serve alcohol without a meal. This means that if you feel like a lazy glass of wine or a beer in the arvo, you can come & sit & relax without having to order a meal, & if you can always grab a cheese platter or a little snack if you feel like it, we always have some little tidbits we order that quite often don’t see the light of day, & we can organise something unique for you to indulge. We have some beautiful wines, most by the glass, so why not come & indulge yourself, try a different one each day!

As I keep saying we are getting there, although I’m not too sure where there is yet, it feels like we are heading in a good direction with some exciting prospects on the horizon for 2011!

Look foward to seeing you all & hope you all have a great 2011 as well!

Regards, Nick

P.S. look out for our new t-shirts & logo along with a new website coming soon, & you can catch up with news on facebook or on twitter @alleybreak!!

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