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december news

It’s that time of year again.. The days are longer the mornings are getting busier earlier & we’re rolling into christmas & the holidays! Hopefully the rain will hold off!

We are taking orders for hams if people are interested. They will be approx $12/kg for 8-10kg ham & we can take orders up to 20 December. They should have them delivered from Barossa fine foods by the 23rd December! They are the winners of some of the best smallgoods in Australia, & are all naturally smoked & gluten free! They even do an organic & nitrate free ham which is amazing, but a little pricier! Be sure to get in early if you want one! We will also take orders for my steamed christmas pudding, again if you are interested please come & have a chat with me about how many people it will need to serve etc. I will also try & organise a sample one for you all to try but I have been perfecting this for a few years so I think it’s pretty good! It is also wheat free, but unfortunately not gluten free!

As some of you know I have been testing my own sourdough, & are getting very close to nailing it! We will look into baking all our own bread if we can consistently produce good results over the next few weeks! I am a little obsessed with it at the moment, if you see me racing around showing off loaves of bread, it is probably just one of my triumphs! There has been enough failures over the last few months that it is great that I think we finally have cracked it! One of the failures even became a pair of sourdough birkenstock’s it was so aptly shaped! Look out for some & if you interested in trying some, have a chat to myself or some of the staff as I am baking most days & normally have some to share.

Our wine list has changed again slightly as we move towards the warmer months, the chardonnay, a new pinot grigio & a gorgeous red wine called “miss harry” which is a french styled wine that tastes like strawberry’s & cream! We are waiting on our first delivery but should be with us in the first week of December.

Cam has left us in support of his mate Chris, who is paddling the length of the Murray River to raise funds for Lifehouse @ RPA: The Chris O’brien Cancer Centre. You can keep track of their progress or make a donation @ & support what I think is a great cause!

We have been blessed to have some new faces esp. barista’s as good ones are hard to find & I hope you will find them as personable as all of our other great staff! As I keep saying we are getting there, although I’m not too sure where there is yet, it feels like we are heading in a good direction. I would love to thanks everyone for their patronage this year, & if you’re going away have safe travels, a great Christmas & new year!

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  1. Gidday! Happy Australia Day to all! Looking forward to heading down for a yummy breakfast with Wendy and Allyson……………..and Karen if she’s not with her gorgeous new bloke! She hasn’t returned my sms so I would bet my house on it that she is!!! :-D ……………….Hhhmmm……………, what to have??? Probably the mushrooms – they are my fave but there are soooo many on the plate and I’m such a guts I just have to eat them all!!! Keeps me going all day tho, and a pineapple juice and coffee of course!!!
    Have a happy day – see you real soon!!!

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