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October news

I know that I said it last month, not everybody likes change, but we are continually changing/refining things, all in the name of consistency. We’ve changed our banana bread slightly & now make it using organic spelt flour. This means that it is now friendly for wheat sensitive people & we’ve found that it is moister in texture. We’ve also changed our shakes to be all “real flavours”, we’re making our own vanilla & caramel flavour, using an amazing chocolate gelato (which is gluten free) for our chocolate, & banana & strawberry will be made using fresh fruit! We’ve also brought back garlic bread! It’s of course not your traditional style garlic bread, it is a stunning caramelised sourdough garlic bread that is served warm & is absolutely awesome! We have started our own sourdough starter & may even consider baking our own sourdough, we are working on some sourdough pancakes, & have ordered a new grill plate, so that we can start serving pancakes again made fresh to order! Darren has also ripped out a mouthwatering summer berry pudding made w sourdough, which may make an appearance on the menu for summer, & served w yoghurt for breakfast & is absolutely devine!!

We’ve been contemplating starting a meat co-op. As most of you know we already buy in whole lamb, but we have been talking about buying in whole beef & whole pork. We use a certain amount of meat but am wondering are people interested in buying some of the other cuts? We had an example of that on the Friday before the long weekend, our lamb supplier called on the way back from the abitoir in Newcastle, he’d had someone cancel an order on him & wondered if we wanted it. As we were completely stocked for the weekend, I called a few of our regular’s & some staff & their families, to see if anyone wanted some lamb cheap, we received three lamb’s at 2:30pm & by the time we closed at 4pm we have broken them all down & sold all of it (cutlets, legs, backstrap etc.) for $10/kg! If we can get this up & running we cannot only save money for ourselves but on your meat bill too! Drop your name at the counter if you’re interested!

The coffee has been amazing as it is most days, & our bean of the day (single estate coffee’s) have been going off. Most often best as black coffee or espresso, talk with the boys about whether it’s best short, in milk or black, but we will always have them, so if you feel like a change to your daily grind, ask!

Lastly, Cam (most of you know is one of our barista’s) has a mate who is going to paddle the length of the Murray River to raise funds for Lifehouse @ RPA: The Chris O’brien Cancer Centre. They had a fundraising event @ Bunnings recently in which Sonoma graciously provided rolls for the day, all 700 of them!! Alley Break provided the sausages, sauce & onions, which meant all the proceeds could go to what I think is a great cause! They are planning a fundraising launch @ the Brass monkey on 23rd November. For more info or to make a donation

Regards, Nick

P.S. We are still looking for staff. Chefs, apprentices, kitchen hands, wait staff, barista’s & a floor manager/maitrad’e. Come & see me or drop in a resume if you are interested or know somebody who is interested.

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