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April News

April, come she will... I can’t believe how quickly the year is flying by. Easter has come & gone! I hope you all managed to try a hot cross bun. Be it fruit or choc chip I thought they were pretty tasty! We are now trying to gear ourselves up for the ANZAC long weekend & then dare I say it Mothers day! We are already taking bookings!

There will be a few menu changes over the coming weeks as seasonal produce changes. It will mainly be the fruit based dishes, i.e. the healthy choice will no longer have mangoes as they are very hard to come by at the markets. The fruit plate will also change substantially as the summer fruits are becoming rare. But.... We are now getting some amazing pears & mandarines, & may even integrate some poached fruit as we have some quinces & rhubarb in now too. On the cooler mornings keep an eye out for our vanilla polenta porridge, which will run regularly as a special. It is beautiful & may even come topped with some of our poached fruit. Why not try it & kill two birds with one stone? We’ve also added a cheese plate to our dessert menu sourcing some beautiful cheeses for you. Again, these will vary, but currently we have a Tarago river blue & triple creme brie. Be sure to try some before Darren eats it all on his extravagant triple creme brie croque monsier that I’ve seen him gobble for brekky! We are now cutting our own chips too! This was a hard decision given the prep &
that our old chips were pretty good, but I must say I’m very impressed with the change! So much so, I had a chip sandwich the other day, topped with a little ham & aioli, yum!!!

Alley Break is now on twitter (@alleybreak) & facebook if you want to follow us. I will update in advance as much as I can the specials for the following day, & maybe even the muffin flavour’s if I get that organised!? I will also endeavor to have on hand the single origin coffee’s that we have at the time & any other little tid bits you may find interesting. We will also use twitter to let anyone interested know about a lunch special we will run. It will run daily Monday to Friday & will be a set price special that will evolve daily & include a meal & drink. This will hopefully keep your daily lunch interesting, & ours too!

We are now buying in whole lambs & breaking them down ourselves. There has been so much interest in this, that we are trying to organise some hands on classes for those interested in learning about breaking down meat. It will start out small & work up over a few weeks to learning how to break down a whole lamb. Classes will be limited in numbers & will be a fun & informal session that will involve hands on participation. Darren will go
through different cuts of meat & show how the cut can be prepared. In addition to the class you will get to take your meat home. The initial class may cost around $90 but will include a knife that you will get to keep & your meat.

As always the boys behind the machine will be pouring our great Mecca Espresso roasted coffee. If you’re out & about before 7am, large coffee’s are only $3.50! If you have a favourite muffin flavour, let me know & i’ll give it a go. I’ll even make sure I save one for you!!

P.S. We are now selling our Merridith Dairy yoghurt.

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