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march news

What a month! So much change.....

The days are rolling by at a rate of knots & Easter will soon be upon us! I’ve started to
perfect my hot cross bun recipe, & if time permits we will do a choc & currant version
too! With so many menu changes the feedback has been very good, there have been
a few complaints about the pans the big brekky come in with people concerned they
are going to burn themselves, but I am trying to source some pot holders for the pans
to ease the worry that some are having. The up side is that now the cooler months are
coming there will be no problems with cold meals! We have just added a vegetarian
version of the big brekky too with some homemade black turtle baked beans. With the
popularity of the spinach hash, we’ve also added bacon hash which is mind blowingly
good & very addictive. It will make it’s way into the big brekky too.

The steak & fritte’s has been very well received, although the size of it is a little off-putting
topping 500gr, there have been some that will share it & others that have eyes too big
for their stomachs & need a doggy bag to take the leftovers home! We will continue
to discount it until the end of march monday to friday to get you all hooked on this
amazing meat.

I have been visiting the fish market quite regularly, as we are now serving a fresh
market fish. Kingfish has been stunningly good recently, but will change from week to
week depending on what is available & fresh, & we may only serve grilled depending
on the fish. We’ve started building a great rapore with the supplier we are using, &
they have invited me out to the early morning auctions to look at getting some whole
tuna in sometime soon! We have also been purchasing fresh salmon at the markets &
curing it ourselves for our eggs benedict & upcoming specials! There may be even a
smoking oven on the horizon & we will cure & smoke our own salmon & meats.
Darren has already begun curing his own pancetta & will feature in the coming weeks
on specials!

Don’t forget to check out the specials, & if you can’t see the specials board please ask as
the boys in the kitchen have been ripping out some beautiful food, from a stunning
lamb & pine mushroom ragu with homemade pasta to a truffled polenta with brie &
sauteed mushrooms, it is very exciting to see! Our house dressing has changed too, we
are now using an aged cab sav vinegar in our vinegarette & is so nice you can drink it plain!

As always the boys behind the machine will be pouring our great mecca espresso roasted
coffee, why not grab a hot cross bun or one of our new recipe muffins to go with it if you’re
feeling a little peckish! see you all soon

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