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feb news

Ramping out of school holidays, dinners have finished up. It was a selfish indulgence,cooking & serving the food we enjoy for dinner & hope you all enjoyed it too!

There’s been a changing of the guard here too. Darren, who joined us in October from Danks St depot will now be heading up the kitchen. The menu will evolve more over the next few months. This will be a path that we will follow into the future, which means we can keep our produce as fresh as possible. My apologies to those that are missing
some of the items that we have removed, it is not because they aren’t nice, it is because we can’t always make them fresh or to order & hence the quality &/or consistency suffers due to this. Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality produce. All of our meats are gluten free from sausages, to bacon & ham which are naturally smoked & contain no preservatives. We use free range eggs & produce as much from scratch as we can on the premises.

We have placed the ultimate steak & fritte’s on the menu! It is a 500gr pasture fed rib eye, it is steroid & hormone free & is purebred hereford cattle from the hunter valley. It is cooked to your liking & served w house hand cut chips & a homemade red wine jus! Come in & try one monday to friday before the end of march & we’ll give you an introductory discount to get you hooked. The general concensus amongst staff was that this was probably the best steak they’d ever had! To top it all off it’s even MSA approved!

sonoma sourdough deliveries are still coming fresh monday, wednesday, friday & saturday. Darren has been making some amazing jams & preserves that we serve with our toasted sourdough which you can purchase now too if you wish or try some beautiful NZ white clover honey.

I have modified our wine list, putting together a list that you can try by the glass & then a premium list (for sheer indulgence sake) of some vintage wines & premium wines.

Our new grinder has made the space less noisy & more welcoming, for that reason we have been enjoying some great single estate coffees both as espresso & light roast for filter seeing that we have the extra grinder. As a coffee & red wine lover i find these to be some of the most amazing experiences. To drink as black coffee, the flavours from the area surrounding where the coffee has been grown really stand out. For example, the ethiopian coffee’s Reuben from Mecca has been roasting, have very distinct citrus & berry overtones, try one today!!

I would love to know what you think about some of our new additions as we are very excited. There will be some delicious desserts coming soon too! (the chocolate fondant is to die for if you enjoy chocolate)

look forward to seeing you soon,


P.S. It's great to see Tanvir back!

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