Alley Break Cafe
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So after a big fathers day we finished packing down & the renovations begin!!

This is the kitchen as it stands on the Thursday before Fathers Day


This is Tuesday morning After Fathers Day at 8am


by 11am the wall between the shops was gone & the jackhammering began to remove the floor.



We've been serving coffee each morning for our regulars from the AB's "reno kart" with thanks to Dom & matt @ White horse for loaning us their 2 group marzocco so we didn't have to lug our 4 group around.



we are roughly on track to our three week timeline, and should be re-opened during the last week of september if we have no other hiccups!!!

A big thanks thus far to everyone involved who have put in an epic effort to get us up and running ASAP!

With much of the changes, we won't be changing the menu yet!! but once we ease ourselves back into our space, we shall look at some changes & possibly even a later service a few nights a week............ WATCH THIS SPACE!

Can't wait to see everyone back & get some feedback on the new layout!!

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